Kim Kohn

M-Eng. Aerospace Engineering - Design 

System Electronics Technician 

Private Pilot (PPL-A) / Commercial UAV Pilot


Creative Engineer




A job is much more than a 9 to 5 happening.


Our job is first and foremost the major part of our lives.


A life, I choose to make most joyful and exciting, filled and fueled with technology

e-Motion Engineering is bringing ideas forward, exploring and applying technology and forming teams of motivated and driven people.

Being inspired by seeing a vision becoming reality is what has been driving e-Motion Engineering. 

e-Motion Engineering is the coming together of projects, forward thinking minds, engineering and creativity, passion and motivation. 

Startup Culture - Why e-Motion Engineering

Startup Culture 

B.Sc. Creative Product Design

Video Production for Marketing

Art Photography 


Product Designer




Mark Stone

As relatively fresh designer, I have a strong natural ability to question conventions and expectations within design, often exploring creative alternatives to tricky solutions. 

Founder, CEO

Creative Director

Matt Ryall

Graduate of Architecture





With an education in architecture and design and a passion for surfing and skating, I bring a creative angle to the team that is grounded in the fundamentals of board riding.

Startup Culture

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Freelancing Engineer, Designer & BA(Hons) Architecture & Planning RIBA RTPI

As a freelancer I am involved in a number of projects for a variety of customers. My field of expertise encloses all aspects of product and machinery - design, with a main focus on product presentation. Solutions are constructed, planned and manufactured in house. I am a technology visionary and dedicate my time toward projects showcasing this. Please feel free to have a look around our page and explore what drives us.

Lucerne University of applied Sciences and Arts

Product Designer

Pruduct Presentation


Visionary Leader

Freelancing Engineer

Designer & Inventor

Markus Bürker

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Business Relations

Luc Benninga

B-Eng. Aerospace Engineering - Manufacturing


Private Pilot (PPL-A)

Surf Enthusiast

Downhill Longboarding



A team is only as strong as the network it is working in - I am creating strong links between interest groups, ensuring our team is set up for future projects, creating a solid ground to build qualitative partnerships. 

Startup Cultue

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Michael Wackerbarth

Autonomous Systems development

UAV Design and Manufacturing

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B-Eng. Aircraft and Flight Engineering

Currently on a M.Eng Aerospace Engineering Degree



Private Pilot (PPL-A)

Glider Pilot (SPL)


Model flying



Growing up around the workshop of a metalworking father, I have seen lifelong exposure to creativity and engineering.  With a solid background in aviation for over 10 years, the choice of studies simply followed suit, learning the background of what I had already applied and enjoyed. 

Here at e-Motion Engineering, the perfect opportunity is given to combine this theory to meaningful practical application. The team is striving and target motivated. Together, we align individual aspirations, resulting in our work, projects, ideas and builds to literally take off.

Darren Poordil

Autonomous UAV Design and Manufacturing

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Currently on a MEng. Aerospace Engineering Degree

FPV Drone Flying

Race Drone Builds 

I am aiming to design a UAV capable of helping people through autonomous delivery. Drones and UAVs are in a quite bad perception these days due to their not often well-minded missions. My perfect scenario for the application of exciting and autonomous technology is in UAVs which help humans. Since meeting the guys at e-Motion Engineering, I have discovered that they have similar aspirations and knew, this was a fit. We think of awesome, crazy and somewhat unrealistic ideas and would not stop prototyping and fine-tuning until it will take off. That's my ideal concept of engineering, invention though innovation.

Startup Cultue

Startup Cultue