No Turbo Lag

# Pre-Pressure your engine

# Engine independant Boost

# Adjustable Boost throughout rev-band


Simple Application

# Free positioning

# Only electrical wiring and hoses needed

# No oil-feed required

System Integration

# Improved utilisation of available space

# No mechanical changes*


# No manifold changes

# No connection to oil system**

Key Facts

*Depending on required power increase

**Under development

Turbocharging - the                  solution

We are into cars, however quite a bit time constraint when it comes to modifications. Why not making it easier to convert your natural aspirated engine into a pressurised torque machine?



How to enhance the power output of your engine for that extra punch?



Have a look into our   Electric Turbocharger

The Core Unit

Landy goes Efficient - Electric Landrover


We took an emotive light-weight chassis of solid british engineering and added a touch of german efficiency 

Project lead and conduction by: Markus Bürker






Full View
Motor and Clutch
Battery Housing Front
Battery Front
Battery Cases + Motor Mount
Battery Back
Battery Back 2

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