Aeroplane Design 


"To develop an aeroplane does not mean anything, manufacturing it means something, flying it means everything"


 - Otto Lilenthal - 


We tend to look at it a bit different, however, the core message remains.

Flying a machine which was, from the first sketches, designed by one, is the most fulfilling experience. Closing the gap between theory and practice and see this unconventional design operating, moving and performing as intended, is truly fulfilling. 

Together we push our ideas, applying well known design rules and formula, yet, the latest state-of-the-art technology to enhance function envelopes, mission possibilities and profiles of our developments.




Our definition of e-fficiency

Design    |    Structure    |    Performance

The Mission - To fly as long and e-fficient as possible


Welcome to the development process of a high-efficient, long range flying wing concept. Which works!

The Background: Flying wings have a long and difficult history. From the first flying models around the 1930's, the development of these graceful and efficient machines was subject to setbacks and hurdles. Namely, their limited stability margins and the integration of systems and propulsion components drew a grey picture in the wider field of aviation.


Among enthusiasts, flying wings are seen as a highly capable platform achieving significant performance with distinct aerodynamic and structural advantages. Aircraft are designed for a mission. The experienced eye can "see" the intentions of the designer. 


The aim: Create a highly-efficient flying wing by reducing the overall drag, hence power consumption and create a flying research platform for range-extending technnology 



What we do 


Talk to our experienced engineers and certified / insured pilots about initial design concepts and design reviews. We support defining mission capabilities and  many more early as well as advanced project stages. We are assisting on, as well as conducting flight trials and prototyping. De-risking your processes throughout the design and test phase of your UAV is our area of expertise.

Prototyping    |     Evaluation     |     Flying




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